Change of Hours

November 11th 2017

My show has now changed hours yet again.

Because my self-made small business (Lawn Mowing and Window Washing [Mow&Wash®]) is attracting more clientele, I have chosen a late-night time-slot:

  • 7pm to 10pm every Sunday Night.

I expect I will be at this time-slot for the foreseeable future – unless I win the lottery and can move back to Friday morning! [crosses fingers]

October 7th 2017

I have changed my radio-show hours back to 10.00am till midday.
This is because I have recently established a successful small-business providing ‘Lawn-Mowing & Garden Maintenance‘ on Kangaroo Island (*for Kingscote residents only) – and since I get paid for that, I had to adjust my hours.
If being a radio-presenter is ever a paid-job, I will stop mowing lawns.

It feels odd having a shorter show because I liked playing a lot more music, but I am getting used to it again. With a few adverts and the 11.00am news, my 3 hour sessions had 45 songs. In 2 hours I only play 30 songs. Not exact because sometimes I play 13 minutes of Pink Floyd – Shine on you Crazy Diamond!

Also I will probably be changing my time-slot to a weeknight (or weekend day or night), but I will let you know when that happens.

Because I am now quite busy each week, I currently have EIGHT sessions of playlists to type and publish ASAP. So I will back-date the publish date of each of those sessions to when they happened so THIS post stays most recent.

Someone said I say ‘enjoy‘ way too much in my show.

Can you suggest an alternative word?
When I say “I hope you enjoy this next song” – what do you suggest I say instead?
Please leave a comment below, or on Twitter or Facebook!
Looking forward to reading what you suggest.
I will create a post of the most eclectic!

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