Yes, I am that Stephen Mitchell.

After moving my family over to Kangaroo Island in late 2016, I joined all the local Facebook groups to connect and get involved with the community.

Stephen in front of Radio Console at 5KIxFM90.7 Station

By chance in early 2017 I saw an advert asking for new radio-presenters at the Kangaroo Island radio station.

With the prerequisites being only that I enjoy lots of time alone in a small room surrounded by music, I found this was perfect for my ugly face, very outspoken attitude, plus ticked off one of the many things on my bucket list.

Within weeks I had the gig.

After varying time-slots over the next few years, I now have what I consider the perfect time-slot – SATURDAY NIGHT, 8:00pm-12:00pm.

Soon after I created this blog to publish every playlist so I could easily grab your favourite songs to play anytime!

I design and create all the graphics you see on this blog. Many have been converted and made available in my tshirt collection.
Be sure to visit these links to buy merch to support our radio station.

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