Theme: Life is Too Short for Regrets

I put this together after seeing a person covered in tattoos from head to foot. I have no problem with tattoos, but wonder how easy it is for them to find work! My Mistake - Split Enz Easier To Walk Away - Elton John Big Mistake - Natalie Imbruglia Outshined - Sound Garden Living Well... Continue Reading →

Theme: HOT HOT HOT!!

Oh my white english skin, it was HOT today! Whilst my family was lucky enough to spend their day at the beach, I spent half my day atop a cherry-picker cleaning windows on the Kingscote Council Building. Ok, ok, I was only up there less than an hour - but I had to wear long... Continue Reading →

Theme: NYE 2020

My invited guests included Kimberley Franklin from FM88.9 'What the Hills?!' Kimberley produces a radio show and podcast, broadcasting from the Adelaide hills. Her partner (fiancee?) Andrew Challen was also in studio. We had a LOT of conversation both on and off air. Because I chatted a LOT with my guests, I didn't keep a... Continue Reading →

Theme: Random Feel-Good Rock

Just a random mix of music to make me, you and everybody feel good. Because we all need hugs. In the absence of hugs, I have great music! Oh No You Again - Australian CrawlShine - Collective SoulShine - Vanessa AmorosiShiny Shiny - Haysi Fantayzee Promotion: Trent Dalton's latest book: All Our Shimmering Skies for... Continue Reading →

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