Choosing Decent Headphones is Difficult!

A few nights back my headphones of 10 years started getting problematic: The right ear stopped working. Was like going back to monologue days. I had to switch to my earplugs; Truly hate them because they start to hurt my inner ear after 20 minutes use. So I figured it was time to bite the... Continue Reading →

Theme: Father’s Day 2020

Yes, it's Father's day tomorrow. Which meant I started my evening a tad late at 8.15pm because my two sons wanted bedtime stories before letting me leave - which I was very happy to do. Having a very vivid imagination, both boys were entranced by the two mattress falumphing across the marshmallow field across to... Continue Reading →

Theme: Dream On

My plan tonight was to play an assortment of music from my AMRAP selection. Unfortunately the station internet connection was intermittent, so I was unable to do so. It's an issue I need to follow up on ASAP when I am not working. Instead I resorted to playing music from the station's amazing array of... Continue Reading →

Theme: Change of Mind and Heart

Interesting yet eclectic playlist tonight. It was born out of a moment just 10 minutes before going to air, I chose all these songs within five minutes. Some were swapped around, and the 'nothing' series was born out of songs not appearing in our station playlist despite appearing in my word-search. Changes - David Bowie... Continue Reading →

Theme: Raining Cats and Dogs

The plan tonight was to play as much music as possible that kinda sort followed the theme - "Raining Cats and Dogs". After collected all the songs with 'cat, dog, rain' in the title or lyric, this is all I could find. Here Comes The Rain - Eurythmics The Dogs Of War - Pink Floyd... Continue Reading →

Theme: Work, Help, Care, Provide

Tonight's playlist is a lot shorter than normal - because I started at 8:30pm and ended just after 11:00pm. This evening I enjoyed having a bit longer movie night with my boys - to celebrate having the internet again after moving house. Our oldest had missed his Netflix shows! At the last moment I decided... Continue Reading →

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