Theme: Wheels of the Variety Bash

After photographing a great many cars participating in the Variety SA Bash - KI to the Capital 2020 earlier today, I rearranged my entire playlist to play heaps of great music for the participants! Yes, the drivers won't hear any of them - but the thought is there. Nonetheless, I am betting my regular audience... Continue Reading →

Theme: Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

Tonight I again played some new music from my playlists, plus ALL AUSTRALIAN classic and rock from the Station CD Collection! Those in *bold* are the artists whose music is available on AMRAP. I hope you enjoyed the music I found and downloaded for regular playing on 5KIx FM90.7. Many more amazing artists are... Continue Reading →

Theme: Getting Started with AMRAP

My playlist tonight included quite a few, as requested by the numerous texts I recieved last week, artists from my AMRAP collection , plus a few from the 5KIxFM Station CD Collection to keep you keen. Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas Start Me Up - The Rolling Stones Let's Start This Party... Continue Reading →

Theme: Change the Future

A short show tonight, only two hours. Because I worked all day on a Saturday: Window washing, gardening, lawn mowing, weeding, whipper-snippering, and clearing debris. So I decided to use a theme I used recently - Change of Heart and Mind - but with a slight change and with a message. Nothing stays the same.... Continue Reading →

Theme: Father’s Day 2020

Yes, it's Father's day tomorrow. Which meant I started my evening a tad late at 8.15pm because my two sons wanted bedtime stories before letting me leave - which I was very happy to do. Having a very vivid imagination, both boys were entranced by the two mattress falumphing across the marshmallow field across to... Continue Reading →

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